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Whats in a “War Name?”

In going through my email, I get letters from a person who I believe is a Constitutional Jurist named Paul Andrew Mitchell who publishes studies from Supreme Law Firm.  In a more recent publication that he sent out, is further evidence of the fraud  that is being perpetrated upon natural flesh and blood men and women throughout our so called “Criminal Justice System.”  The following quote is from one of these letters.

Under the “Alien Enemy Program” these masks are described internationally as “nom de guerre”.

Nom de guerre

“(F: war name): a fictitious name: Pseudonym
- Third New International Dictionary of the English Language, Merriam-Webster, pg. 1534.

Under International Law, all parties to a cause must appear by nom de guerre, because an “alien enemy cannot maintain an action during the war in his own name”. See Alien, Wharton’s, Pennsylvania Digest, 20.94 and the Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd. ed., Clarendon Press (1989). It is by International Doctrine that the use of nom de guerre would indicate a state of war. Is it by the Government’s use of personas, nom de guerre, artificial persons, fictitious names, etc. with the enforcement of obedience (military jurisdiction) by vi et armis that we can know that the Government, Public Law, Public Servants are waging war against the Private Citizen? Is this done in spite of the Common-Law contracts that are a matter of Public record that the Private Citizen has in regards to each and every Public Servant? The facts in this matter seem to bear this out. As a matter of fact, an exhaustive description of this “economic war” against the Private Citizens of the United States of America can be found in the Digest of International Law, Volume 10, and pages 95-127. It is here that we will find that the Departments of State, Justice, Commerce, and the Treasury, in disregard to the administrative orders of the President, conduct an “Alien Enemy Program” whose sole purpose is to unconstitutionally seize the properties of all Private Citizens, militarily, with the aid of such maritime hypothecations as “Bottomry Bonds”, etc. 
     Now according to the :D avid-Wynn: Miller Law claims Nom de guerre also is a “dead person” or a person that has no rights.  Because Kirk Smith was the Sheriff in Washington County, Utah at the time of the incursion, and as I illustrated in the “Official Records” in The Collective Anatomy of Crime in our Society”  This further illustrates that war crimes are being carried out against individuals by their “respective” governments at will.  Another link will better demonstrate this fraud better than I will but we know that Conspiracy,  Tampering with a Witness,  and Retaliating against a witness are felonies, leading to the misprison of a felon.  
      The way my family was violently handled was clearly a premeditated act to change our status in our society from freedom to slavery.   There is a more concise definition of that it’s called:
  Capitis Diminutio Maxima (meaning a maximum loss of status through the use of capitalization, e.g. BARBER DONALD or DONALD BARBER) - The highest or most comprehensive loss of status. This occurred when a man’s condition was changed from one of freedom to one of bondage, when he became a slave. It swept away with it all rights of citizenship and all family rights.          
So it is apparent that they used “The Child Abuse excuse” as a basis of an so called “investigation” that had nothing to do with the truth, but was a lie to cover up for their reason to attack and plunder us.  
The U. S. Constitution does not give the executive branch of government (The Police) one iota of legislative powers which means that when they arbitrarily punish people without due process, they are a criminal organization in a multi-institutional failure to protect rights by design.  I fully expect their retaliation, as in their virtual world, a lie maintained is as good as the truth.  All witness’s to their atrocities must be “deleted.”
      By my definition of an Apartheid, I would define it as a Government sanctioned forced segregation of a natural family for pecuniary gains.  As I said before, they dropped the child abuse charge, which because they only needed it long enough to practice their official malfeasance towards myself and my family.  Since they may make me disappear at any time especially with the passage of the NDAA, (National Defense Authorization Act) where the military can kidnap people without charge, without trial, and they can be detained indefinitely, even tortured and murdered with no accountability on the governments part.  I am leaving this blog for a witness against them and their works.    What the local oligarchs want is usually in direct opposition to what the American People want, but I think the writing is on the wall for America’s greedy government.  We can no longer hope for truth and justice in our country, and we are very much on our own, like many of the other countries in this world.
Here is a link to better explain at least one of the sources used in this section.
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Targeted Indivuduals

With all the hustle and bustle that transpires around us, sometimes we need to look from the perspective of what any given individual is faced with when we see collectivist groups that target and demean Individuals and their families or business. When civilians or non combatant souls are caught up in somebody Else’s wars of aggression, Those who are victimized by it get labeled (by police, Doctors Courts etc. Mentally Ill, Psychologically unbalanced, Combative Resistors and a myriad of other abuses of the English language to justify the ethnic cleansing paradigm of political hygiene of cleanliness and purity and their counterparts. In his blog Utopian Idealogies as Motives for Genocide by Eric D. Weitz, he brilliantly articulates how these schools of though come about.

In finding that individual persecutions and retributions are taking place more and more against an individuals personal choice by groups who impose their own political will as another blog demonstrates the twist and spin of attacks of and on individual choice.  The Blog in question is Refusal brings reward…. and Retribution.  It is just one example of many where there are arguments and counter arguments which can be read in the comments below the article.

Since victors justice is always the version left as a display of “The Record,” Then let the record show that this has been taking place for a long time as I found this Blog on Lew Rockwell called “Targeting Civilians” that shows a pattern and practice that is not likely to change because human nature unless chained down from mischief by both moral and ethical convictions of “right and wrong” or The U.S. Constitutions 1st amendment “establishment clause” which in reality is a dialectic conundrum as it neither establishes or prohibits any social behavior, we remain at square one of the Malthusian paradigm.

If we are incapable of recognizing individual and family rights, then how can any societal structure exist without a foundation in well established historic precedents?

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All Donations are welcome in our battle for the Philosophy of Liberty.

The Philosophy of Liberty
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The forest phenomena…..

      “When a tree falls in the forest can anybody hear if fall?” And when a family falls in America, can anybody hear their distress?   When that family is surrounded by a forest of tight-lipped murderers who can wear many different mask, from sheriff’s to judges to doctors and lawyers or entrepreneurs practicing false philanthropy.

       I have been fortunate enough to have a few good Mormon friends who have enough moral and ethical convictions to resist the violence and immorality of the State, but the vast majority of my Mormon neighbors Most are very simple people who are quick to believe anything their “leaders” tell them.   They never question the authenticity of any so-called “authority” as to whether it is de jure or de facto in its very nature.  It is easy for State bureaucrats to pull off crimes against humanity in broad daylight in a where the majority of their peers knowingly give their assent to their conduct.  When the common defense for collectivist stat-ism is obfuscated by personal bias, any lesser body (such as a small family) gets sacrificed on the alter of their hubris.   All that God commanded is not a consideration for the immoral majority.

The whole idea of Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide is based wholly in personal and political (or in Southern Utah’s case) religious prejudices.   It is difficult, if not impossible for poor and lower class Americans to escape some form of forced servitude or dependence on the richer more affluent class’s.   The vast majority of the upper middle class have no scruples about using coercion under the threat of the violence of the State or even knowing that the people or group that they personally want removed from society is in no position to offer any kind of defense against their continuous encroachments or their vitriolic hyperbole.  The myth of the “rule of law“  becomes painfully evident when confronted with a group of self-righteous hypocrites who claim full knowledge and authority over a families lives without even knowing the family.

As John D Rockefeller once said “competition is a sin” , even so in the Utah oligarch of Church and State, Competition is abolished by force of arms (legally of course), economic sanctions, and outright fraud by the ruling class to the point where the poor are regularly subjected to conditions of apartheid and genocide right here in America.

     ”Yet no inquiry into The Law could pretend to be complete without at least some slight consideration of The Law’s famous tautological boast about “equal justice for all.” For the boast is a lie. The Law not only can be bought – although usually not in so direct a fashion as it was bought from ex-Judge Manton – but most of the time it has to be bought. And since it has to be bought, its results tend to favor those who can afford to buy it.”   Fred Rodell “Woe unto you lawyers” 1939

The idea that there is an semblance of “cooperation” between the State and the poor is also illusory in its very nature, the State relies on coercion, intimidation and extortion of rights to the benefit of its own self serving, self centered, self important role.   To be a fundamental Christian in predominantly Mormon culture is an inconvenient forum for any who does not share the same beliefs as those around them.  The sad reality of being forced by people with “pretended knowledge” of the law without regard to the spirit and intent of the law is what allows murderers, rapist and thieves to walk among us that are protected by power and privilege,  but not by moral and ethical standards.  De Facto law thus becoming the standard, mob rule can be the only natural consequence of the irresponsible and unaccountable elements of our society both public and private.  There is no recourse for Americans who have been impoverished by political means, and I have gone offline and will be offline again due to the local “economic sanctions” being employed against me, by those who would not like to have their own specious arguments exposed and their sanguine desires laid bare for the world to see.  Should I be murdered by a non Mormon, I would still suspect that there is Mormon money behind it.

Again, it is fortunate for me that at least some of my Mormon friends fear God, and are willing to search out the truth irregardless of their neighbors intentions are, or I wouldn’t be alive today were it not for them.   But my life is forever changed by the realization that American Government, like many in the private sector seeks unlawful enrichment at the expense of those who cannot afford to “compete”.  Although blood is thicker than water, it is the blood-thirsty that violently rip families apart for light and transient causes for their own personal gain.  I would still rather face a troop of robbers with God than without him, and I would still prefer the practice of “loving my neighbors as I do myself” as opposed to bearing malice towards any.  Self-Preservation is a strong natural instinct within all the living, but is blatantly denied by Utah’s Courts unless it serves their own political purposes.  Self-Defense is a personal object that does not serve the State, which in reality only caters to special interest and denies individualism.



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Under Absolute Despotism….

Our Declaration of Independence, has this statement as well as a duty when we observe these events taking place.  When a demagoguery ascends upon an individual or a person, with malevolent intentions, the second amendment of the U.S. Constitution was intended to not only protect individual rights, but family rights.

“Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of the day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers
(administrators) too plainly proves a deliberate, systematic plan of reducing us to slavery.”
– Thomas Jefferson
(1743-1826), US Founding Father, drafted the Declaration of Independence , 3rd US President
Here is some poetry that I have written from this experience.
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Hello world!

This site is dedicated to those individuals and their families who have been oppressed by those who abuse their positions of authority in government to advance their own personal agendas at the expense of the poor and lower class American men and women.  (Note:) I intentionally do not use the words “person” or “people” as that was redefined by the perverse government in 1862 to include States, Corporations and any other “legal fiction” other than a natural organic man or woman.

It is not my intention to punish the innocent, or to let the guilty go free, but to expose how crimes against humanity are being carried out under “color of law” against natural families in the furtherance of the United Nations Agenda 21, .Agenda 21 for Dummies This is a caveat of the clear and present danger of a collective effort by those in government to destroy the family unit through force and coercive detention to which I ask the same question which Daniel Webster ask years ago.  “Where is it written in our constitution, in which section or clause is it contained, that you may take parents from their children, and children from their parents to fight in any way, in which the wickedness or folly of government may engage it?”

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