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This site is dedicated to those individuals and their families who have been oppressed by those who abuse their positions of authority in government to advance their own personal agendas at the expense of the poor and lower class American men and women.  (Note:) I intentionally do not use the words “person” or “people” as that was redefined by the perverse government in 1862 to include States, Corporations and any other “legal fiction” other than a natural organic man or woman.

It is not my intention to punish the innocent, or to let the guilty go free, but to expose how crimes against humanity are being carried out under “color of law” against natural families in the furtherance of the United Nations Agenda 21, .Agenda 21 for Dummies This is a caveat of the clear and present danger of a collective effort by those in government to destroy the family unit through force and coercive detention to which I ask the same question which Daniel Webster ask years ago.  “Where is it written in our constitution, in which section or clause is it contained, that you may take parents from their children, and children from their parents to fight in any way, in which the wickedness or folly of government may engage it?”

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As this sites Admin, My name is :Clyde-Earl: Young and I can be reached at (435)-668-8703. I live in Washington, UT. I can be contacted here or through my Yahoo account: clydeeyoung@yahoo.com
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    I do get a lot of spam, but I am looking into plugins that will help filter it out, so I don’t have so much to review.

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